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Get to know us!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Hello everyone! I thought I would get this blog started by doing a quick post to introduce our little family. We are a five animal family from the Pacific Northwest. We started on Instagram in July 2018 called @thebeagleandthebun and it quickly took off for us! We have made lots of Instagram friends along the way and get a lot of questions about our unique family. We are excited to start this blog and share everything about our fun family! Here is a little more about us:

We have one beagle, two bunnies and two guinea pigs in our home. We all get along really well (some more than others) and all have unique bonds between the five of us.

Chloe (the beagle) and Rue (the bun) have really become the stars of our Instagram account because they are known for their unique and special friendship that you don't see everyday. They love to be around each other whether that's cuddling on the couch, being outside or traveling together.

Chloe was the first addition to our family and then about three years later we added the guinea pigs. We quickly noticed that Chloe was very curious and loving towards the guinea pigs, she would always hang out in the room we kept them in and want us to take them out so they could run around. It's fun to watch her with them because she is so gentle, she believes that they are dominant over her and will roll on her back when they start sniffing her. The small animals definitely run the household.

In order: Gretchen, Chloe, Henry

A couple years later when we moved across the state, we adopted the buns. We originally wanted one bunny but when we saw them in the pet store we loved both of them, plus they were a bonded pair so we decided to adopt both. A common question people ask us is if we adopted all of them on purpose because they all match each other. This always gives us a good laugh because that isn't the case, but it's funny that it worked out that way. I guess it was all just meant to be.

In order: Willow, Chloe, Rue

We have a lot of topics that we will be covering on this blog and our most frequent questions that we get on Instagram will be answered thoroughly! You can subscribe to this blog through our home page to stay up to date.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@thebeagleandthebun) to keep up with our daily life, see lots of cute photos and watch funny videos of us hanging out with each other!

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1 Yorum

12 Tem 2019

Hi Guys. Have signed up. This was a fab first blog. Getting to know the fam a little better. Look forward to reading your future blog's. Chloe really is special guardian. 😇

👋🏼🐶🐾 Julie & Ruby

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