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Not every day do you see a beagle and a bunny become best friends. Our beagle Chloe and our bunny Rue took to each other right away.


Chloe is very calm and patient for a beagle and Rue was very outgoing and trusting for a bunny so they were the perfect match. Originally beagles were bred to hunt bunnies so their friendship surprised a lot of people and showed us all that we can be kind to those who are different than us.

Unfortunately, our bunny Rue passed away unexpectedly in September 2020. Bunnies are very sensitive animals so when they get sick, it's hard for them to pull through.


Our mission is to continue to spread Chloe's and Rue's message and help other animals who need it along the way by donating a portion of profits to The Beagle Freedom Project, a non-profit organization that saves beagles and other animals from testing labs.

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